Mk-677 (Ibutamoren):
-It’s a selective agonist of ghrelin the receptor and a growth hormone secretagogue thus it increases endogenous growth hormone and igf1 levels without impacting cortisol. Studies suggest it increases in LBM and even though this can also mean intramuscular water retention which provides a fuller and rounder look ultimately that will provide a better performance and energy which further helps with progression in performance ultimately leading to a better overall body composition. It’s also seen In human studies that it improves bone mineral density reverses diet-induced catabolism, reduces ldl cholesterol and simultaneously improves sleep quality and corrects hyposomatotropism aging. which would make it a great treatment for athletes or as a part of hrt as we age.
-Mk677’s half-life is rather long (24) hours making it very convenient since it can be dosed once daily vs peptides that are injected multiple times per day and actually timing them (fasted) in most cases. That’s not the case with mk677 due to it’s long half-life.
Dosage: Generally doses vary from 12.5 mg do 25 mg daily. Elevation of gh is almost the same but the igf1 spikes are greater at the higher dose (25)mg, in studies it’s seen that even 50mg daily produces similar gh increase as lower doses but significantly higher igf1 spike (vs the 10mg dose compared to in the study). Generally a 25mg dose once daily is sufficient to get the benefits from mk677.
Side effects: Lowered insulin sensitivity (elevated bg), elevated hunger due to ghrelin stimulation (goes away after a few weeks), water retention.