Mk2866 (Ostarine):
-It belongs in the category of sarms so it’s pathway of action is the same as the pathway in which other sarms and steroids work a.k.a via binding to the androgen receptors in the bones and muscles but provides a more favourable ratio of anabolic activity (in muscles and bones) vs androgenic activity in those tissues. It has numerous of benefits such as increased lean body mass, improved strength , increased endurance, healing of the joints and tendons and overall very anabolic even at low doses as seen in studies at 3mg daily.
Half-life: The half-life of ostarine is 24h so once a day dosing is recommended and convenient.
Dosage: The dosages vary from as low as 12 mg a day up to 30mg. Generally people tend to find better results at 30mg a day but looking at studies and it’s effectiveness at lower doses starting off at 12mg is recommended then adjust as you see fit.
Side effects: There aren’t any side effects from ostarine apart from mild testosterone suppression provided it’s used at reasonable doses (preferably the lesser) ones. People that are reporting sides online are either getting fake sarms or they’re way overdosing it. Remember sarms work via the same pathway as steroids, mega godisng them defeats their purpose since both suppression and androgenic activity will be elevated at dose dependant manner. A bloodwork is recommended to asses the degree of suppression and hormonal environment however it is recommended to run as small pct composed of Clomid 50mg daily dose for 20 days in conjunction with proper diet (sufficient protein intake, fat intake and vitamins) to create a positive hormonal environment for natural testosterone production would be plenty of smooth and easy hormonal recovery-